Sunday, 20 September 2015


Do you know any people that like making others crack up? Maybe your brother gave you a biscuit once with cream on it, but he had actually put toothpaste in it. Maybe your friend hid behind the door and jumped out to give you a fright. Do you fall for pranks every time? Well I'm one of the people that likes to pull those kind of pranks. But you'll never guess who I did it to this time.

Earlier this year, during school time, I was on a trip to Avonhead school to audition for special choir. For those of you who don't know what a special choir is, it is a special singing choir for people that think that they will be able to take the pressure, and sing with kids from other schools.

It was a beautiful day at avonhead School while I was skipping with joy down the footpath on the way to the hall for the scary audition. We had to wait in a waiting room full of kids’ projects with lots of other people from different schools around christchurch Waiting nerveosly. 
We had to sit in separate places. I watched them take two people at a time outside into the hallway, where they would walk, into the audition. It felt like I had to wait for an hour. Actually, it probably was an hour. But then it was finally my turn. My heart started to beat a little faster but I forced myself to go in.
When I was in the room for the audition, I saw a chair with notes for “God of nations” on them. There were two ladies behind a piano telling me to sing the national anthem. They kept on saying sing the national anthem they kept on repeating it. It started to ring around my mind sing the national anthem, sing the national anthem.  
So I picked up the sheet and started to sing the notes. I noticed I started to sing faster so I started to slow down. Eventually I got to the end of the anthem. I was feeling pretty confident. I hadn't done my best because I was really nervous, and had been sweating, and my throat was a bit dry, but everyone else would have been nervous too, so I was feeling pretty happy.

After the audition I felt unsure about what everyone would say. When I was about to walk out, feeling fine, I realised I could prank everyone by walking in pretending to look sad. So I..started to fake cry, my head was drooping down, my arms were over my face. I lifted my head to see Miss Lord. She looked really worried and came quickly towards me. "Ari are you ok?”

 I stared at the ground, covering my face with my arm because I was trying not to laugh. Then I flicked my head up saying "I'm fine!" and everyone started crack up. Miss Lord was laughing weirdly too. I was relieved that I was able to finish the audition without exploding, and we all walked out of the audition with a laugh.

So if you're the kind of person who likes to pull pranks, keep doing it because its great way to make others laugh and smile. But be careful to only do it with people you know really well, otherwise they may not get it. Definitely don't prank me, because I won't like you anymore.
Just kidding.

Signed by Ari 

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  1. Dear goodness!!! You got me good that time! I still remember how worried I was! Great speech Ari :)