Sunday, 20 September 2015

Arts reflection

'This term we went to the city to perform what we had learnt about the arts because we wanted to make connections with the community.

My performances went well, but not all, because there was a problem with the mic's. My highlights and proudest moments were playing a song and band performing because it made other people dance, so it made me feel good 

I was looking at the audience and was letting the audience dance with the band. It made me feel good because it was a building relationships, whanaungatanga. After, they said well done at the end, that showed manaakitia.

The audience were reacting in a good way after we performed. They were talking about it and at the end of the plays we did, we involved the audience too by bringing them up to dance. I can connect it to my life because I like to do plays outside of school.

Outside of school I would try to share the arts connections to the neighborhood to create a community and in encourage others to share their arts so they can make a stronger community.

Photo by 
Neil Macbeth 

Here is a link to a video of my act:

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