Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Kapahaka description

Kapa Haka - it's petrifying but you just need to know how to pronounce and learn the words. Then you will know that it's not so scary and you will feel like you want to be there. 

When I had just first started kapa Haka I was very scared like you probably would be. But then I noticed there was no need to be nervous. Matua looked at me. I was thinking “Why is he looking at me? Why?”

 Then matua asked “What's your name?” 

My arm slowly got goose bumps then my other. I slowly said “Ari.“ He pointed his finger at me and said  ”Come up please Ari.”

I got to the steps up to the stage. My legs said “If you take one more step I will stop working so you will embarrass yourself.” 

On stage, I was encouraged with positive comments from other leaders. I was asked to be a leader even though I was young. I was filled with courage and confidence. 

The reason that I love kapahaka now is because I'm a kapa haka leader and I'm able to help others learn and that feeling feels really good.

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  1. Ari-I liked how brave you were in your story-Feel the fear and do it anyway,