Monday, 12 October 2015

First day at gramouth

The icy cold wind wind surrounds me.  A pool of crabs scuttle beneath my feet, and the water jumps up onto the rocks trying to make me slip. The stones are covered in moss  looks like it moves up the rocks covering it completely. 

Around me others fish, catching big fish, but us with nothing, I can barely  see the other boats through the mist. I see the docks not so far away,with boats about to leave. The lifeguards boat hurries past and they disappear into the mist.

I can see no clouds in the sky I can only see plain blue. The rest is just mist.  

I thought about getting a fish, I thought about fish that bit and bit but the fish just got away I felt frustrated. I hope that we got a big fish but we got nothing. Tiny fish I thought that we are able to get them but it's to small for the fishing rod.

1 comment:

  1. I love this peace of writing. I love how to describe how the icy cold wind surrounds you. I have never gone to gramouth so now I really hang to go now!
    Anyway this is a great peace
    Sophie M