Thursday, 14 April 2016

This term's learning


This term I have been learning how to use musical elements so I can communicate to any culture, Music is a universal language.
I give my soundscape a multistructural because I used four musical instruments and the beat goes with the rhythm. When I whistled I tried to stay with the rhythm. When I used a shaker I tried to stay in beat with the drums. Overall I enjoyed the musical soundscape. There were tough times and stressful times but I got it finished which was the good thing. 

This my  soundscape.

Here's my poem in my photo.
Under the 
trees Coco,
in the
watching a bird, 
like a hawk.

I hear the the birds 
while my dad puts 
sausages on the BBQ .

My next door 
has fish & chips 
it pollutes 
the air,
It up my nose.

I see a
mysterious round
creature crawling
across my lawn
it looks as if it
has thorns rising
out of his back.

That's a place I can call home. 

By Ari

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