Thursday, 7 July 2016


New Zealand has a hidden problem. Many immigrants don't feel welcome. 1 in ten people in New Zealand feel discriminated against. The most common way to be discriminated against is based on their race, ethnicity or nationality . What can we do to make immigrants feel more welcome?

What is prejudice?
Prejudice is being mean and making fun of someone's race or difference. There are different kinds of prejudice like racism, sexism, classism and ageism. An example of prejudice is saying someone that lives in a country that's in war “do you have a bomb in your lunch box?”  Being prejudiced can spread because if a father is prejudiced his son can spread that prejudice, that's the effect.

We have interviewed many immigrants to find out what actions made them feel included. Some said a wave or just a simple hello will make them feel better. An immigrant said that someone bought them a coffee. People that invite immigrants to a party are the people that improve the amount of immigrants coming to New Zealand.

Ways that immigrants feel isolated is that immigrants get abused by people they don't even know. People that make immigrants upset are usually the people that tease them and stare at them.

Tips to make immigrants feel Included :
Make a conversation
Treating them like everyone else
Help them learn your language 
Don't tease them

It's important to make immigrants feel welcome because if an immigrant doesn't feel welcome he/she might tell their friends and they will think that NZ isn't a good place. 
So we should make it a good place so their friends come and feel welcome and think that NZ is good place to be.

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