Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Not being valued

  Not being valued

This term I have written a speech about “not being valued enough”. I was learning how to structure my speech, like how to use a rhetorical question for a hook. We also learnt how to connect the start of the speech to the end.  
My speech is well organised  showing connections and flow between all parts of the speech structure. Many ideas connect to my point of view. It uses several language devices to persuade and connect the audience, for example I started with a rhetorical question.
I felt nervous  but when I went up to share it I felt proud of l,..how myself.

Click here to listen to my speech on soundcloud  or scroll down to read it.          

Have you had that feeling when others don't value you? Like when you don't get picked to get into the school you want to, or you think your going to win a competition, but when you're about to stand up to hug your trophy, they say a completely different name and someone else gets all the fame. Once my dad was giving an award out to my rugby team, he said my name, and then said “Nope sorry I meant Jeff.”

Maybe people like that do things to annoy you and they think it’s funny, but really it’s not. By being forgotten. It makes people feel like they aren't valued enough. It’s so frustrating but there is something that makes me really mad.

Once after my band practice, my mum was at a friend’s house talking and my band practice had finished. One hour later, it felt like I'd been waiting years, band practice started at  3:00 and finished at 4:00 AND SHE PICKED ME UP AT 5:00. The silence of  no one around me  frightens me, sometimes I would hide behind the couch in the office every few seconds peaking over. That's my worst experience with being forgotten. This drove me up the wall.  

Another time, my mum dropped me off at rugby practice at Hagley Park. It csuddenly started pouring down with rain, and rugby had finished.  I was soaked  in water, I think to myself will I be here dripping with water until darkness? Will kidnappers take me away and my mum starts searching for me and could never find me? Ten minutes later she picked me up and gave me a towel. This also  got on my nerves.

On the other hand mum does do things that are special like a holiday, special dinner and just feed me.
Recently, I broke my ipad case by dropping it.  Instead of making me feel stink, my mum has gone out of her way to buy me a new one - they cost seventy dollars each. These experiences made me realize that my mother does value me, and she does try her hardest to make it on time. I’m going stop being so hard on her when things don’t quite go right.   Wouldn’t you?


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